As remove stains on marble

As remove stains on marble

The marble is a material that is present in many environments in our daily lives. It is normal to see in kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, etc.

Both for construction and for decoration. It is a construction material of exclusive beauty well kept its unmistakable luster.

The disadvantage of their use is that the marble is a very porous material where fats and oils can leave stains difficult to remove.

Also this material is sensitive to acid attack, so the kitchen must be careful with the vinegar, lemon juice, among others.

The good news is that you can remove almost any stain on it as long as they know the kind of stain it is and does it quickly.

The right way to keep the marble is quickly clean any stain, because if a liquid is spilled on the surface immediately absorbing this end, may form stains.

The best tool to clean this very porous surface is a brush. The sponge is only useful in the case of surface stains. If the sponge and brush have failed to completely remove the stain, you can use a sponge of wire, but need to use it very gently to avoid damaging the surface

In most cases to keep the surface clean using a natural soap, neutral pH, may suffice. We can also use the current soap for the shower. The toughest stains such as rust, require the use of specialized products.

Ways to remove stains on the marble:

Depending on the type of stain on the marble we have several ways to eliminate:

If the product that is dripping in marble is liquid, we use a dry paper towel to absorb it immediately. We should not wipe over the area, as this can spread the stain. Clean the area with mild soap and water solution and rinse several times. Dry with a dry towel.

The m wide marble wine and coffee can eliminate the applying a mixture of lemon juice and salt. If the stain is difficult to remove, we can apply products to remove rust from clothes.

We must be careful with lemon as it is acid, and if it falls in a clean area of the marble itself can leave a new spot.

For stains are specialized products.

Oil stains on the marble is hard to remove as these penetrate the stone. If it left to dry at times almost impossible. We can try to use a degreasing agent.

Some installers of marble kitchen, the place will advise that a layer of oil to the new marble. Thus it uniformly spotted and if oil splashes occur when cooking these will be concealed.

If the marble smudged color, coming for example dye, these can be removed using bleach or hydrogen peroxide at 20 volumes and a few drops of ammonia. Then you dry with a soft cloth and finally polishing.

Often the marble comes coated with a protective wax coating which ensures clog tiny pores preventing the absorption of stains.

The problem with this solution is that eventually these waxes can go progressively darker. And in case you acquire a stubborn stain, we completely remove this layer of wax, first using a desperadoes product to remove the protective layer of wax.

There are stains on the marble that are impossible to remove. For example, cigarette burns spots, stairs very common in bars and tables. In this case we have only one solution: to polish the marble surface until the stain is removed. Not forgetting that this is going to shed a few millimeters thickness of the marble.

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