Ecological Christmas Decoration

Ecological Christmas Decoration

Christmas time comes, and with it, the decorations to dress the home of magic and illusion, while we give a welcoming aspect. This year we propose a different decor: a way to make more “green” your Christmas.

You can forget to add the tinsel and colored lights for Christmas shopping list and to bring home decorating your pocket (and elsewhere as the car) with recycled materials and objects that no longer use. The result? A final and more beautiful than traditional Christmas decoration.

Christmas is a time of good intentions. Some of the ornaments used traditionally are not too friendly to the environment, serve as an example clearing natural trees for the sole purpose of decorating homes or thousands of millions of lights that remain wasting electricity all day. There are other options, just as festive, but much more sustainable. And you not have to give up music and flare.

Homemade crowns

Starting at the front door, you can create a Christmas wreath parties that compliment your neighbors and guests, but using elements like old fabrics. It’s simpler than it sounds, you can choose four or five items you no longer use (if possible, of different colors) and cut into strips.

Then you insert them on a wire to form a beautiful crown. Complete your decoration with dried pineapple or branches. Another option is to produce it from old cork stoppers.

A crown like this, of various shapes and sizes, will adorn the walls of the home and elsewhere, such as the fireplace.

Candles to brighten the house

To give a faint and magical appearance at home, you might consider purchasing LED light candles. They are also made of wax and the big advantage is that they are reusable.

Furthermore, no flame, which burns avoid unexpected children or pets, and do not release smoke, so the atmosphere of your home will be much cleaner. If this option still does not convince you, try to make your own natural candles with no harmful materials for the environment and your home Christmas dresses.

Eco Spruce

You might want to go green, but do not give up on having a fir tree decorating your home during this time. There are alternatives that do not involve cutting down trees or real boost manufacturing fake fir trees with toxic and polluting materials such as PVC.

Buy fir made of polythene, a much more beneficial, or create materials yourself, since, for example, a carton (after, you can fill it with green cotton and create your own personalized tree).

If you’re not very crafty, and sell precious trees made from recycled cardboard. It will not serve to outside, but look great inside the house.

The Trannenboing, the last thing this Christmas

The ultimate sustainable Christmas trees: an economic, ecological and highly original idea to surprise all your visits is called Tannenboing. It is a tree of recycled aluminum in the form of spring that then you can decorate as you wish. It is lightweight and will be perfect in any corner of the home.

At the end of Christmas, remember not to throw your fir and try it will last as long as possible to avoid incurring excessive expenditure.

To illuminate your Christmas tree, we recommend buy LED lights games, much better than incandescent. Plus they get better, consume much less electricity, a relief for the planet and your pocket.

Today, you will find them for very little money, for about 16-20 euros and will last many years. Remember not abusing them and off whenever you’re at home.

Cardboard figures with nails

To prepare yourself all kinds of figures and ornaments, the carton will be a great ally. Collects all the cartons that will not serve with your family and make all kinds of Christmas figures: reindeer, stars, balls or ties. Once done, you can paint, with old clothes and fill them with glitter.

You can also do it with magazines or old clothes. With string or wool, they will serve to decorate the tree, door and all rooms of the home. For the decorations in the kitchen, nail spices, such as cloves, which help give Christmas and a very delicious smell.

Oranges with cloves for cooking

We can also hang oranges pierced with this unique spice. You will see how your house smells like Christmas while you’re decorating the bright colors.

In nature there are materials that will help us to decorate

Nature also provides us great options for decorating: berries, twigs, acorns, pebbles or dried pineapples. With gold or silver spray, we can turn them into precious ornaments.

Use the felt to create traditional socks hanging fire place

A classic that never fails: Make socks based felts (at least one different for each family member) and fill with treats or gifts. They are ideal for hanging on the fireplace.

Wood, a more sustainable plastic material

If you, still need more decoration, avoid using plastic for her, wooden figurines and takes the party organic cotton.

Recover old congratulations to decorate the home

Another way to decorate the walls of your home, is recovering Christmas or Christmas cards from previous years. Sure, if you want, you have many and some of them will get you out a smile. Hang them around your house and see how it changes its appearance.

Congratulations ecological

When sending Christmas cards is not necessary to incur the expense of paper and cardboard we used to do some years ago. Now, we have a tool like Internet and find original and free ways to congratulate the parties for our loved ones.

If you are a fan of the traditional, recycled cardboard and some colors, made your own congratulations. In addition, you can also take the opportunity to give something made by your hands and dispense with the usual packaging.

An old scarf or magazine can be perfect gift papers the person who receives them. You can also buy online or in specialty shops role of eco-friendly gift with beautiful designs.

The clay figures Bethlehem, toilet paper or cork

From the traditional Bethlehem, we propose to do it yourself with clay figures and painting, with rolls of toilet paper and wool or wine bottle corks. You will see what result funnier!

You can even take advantage of small dolls like Play-Mobil your children to create a Bethlehem of the most original and ecological.

Sprinkle flour on top, creates the stable in Bethlehem with branches meet on the field and complete with LED light kit you’ve set at the beginning of this post.

An example

These and other ideas will help you decorate an example and environmentally conscious. He thinks that in the US alone, approximately 75 billion dollars (69 billion euros) in Christmas, 1.9 million greeting cards are sent and 20.8 million are felled Christmas spending are spent. The impact on the environment of these festivals is huge and we can do our bit to try to reduce it.

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