Tips for a greener Christmas

Tips for a greener Christmas

Tips for a greener Christmas
If we put the glasses of environmental respect, the holidays are synonymous with consumerism, waste and pollution. Yes, it is true, there is also joy, unforgettable moments and sensations that gives us wonderful magical atmosphere.

But perhaps greener Christmas cap would prevent us to live them? We are convinced that at all. On the contrary, these dates are all authentic and exciting we want regardless of the factors that carry the planet and empty our pockets.

In this post we will take simple green tips for a more eco-friendly Christmas. There is not decorate the house or to go it alone with organic products or directly pass the holidays and focus on something else … No need going to extremes to live a greener Christmas.

Like so many things in life, everything is a matter of degree and attitude. This time, if we change the chip and do what is in our hand, without changing our habits, we will have achieved a big difference.

What about leftovers?

The first thing we do is to prevent this happening. We learn a few basic tricks as you have in a previous post and apliquemoslos now and in the future.

We will check how easy it is and how much we can save, and if we still had the rations, exhorting to make delicious meals with leftovers. If it is possible to fine dining with food waste, more so can we.

When decorate and give commitment to minimalism. Instead of making several gifts chosen go one better or bigger budget, though, the more sustainable, better.

In decorating the principle of less it is more can save you time, money and gain in elegance. Our ideas, play with candles for fantastic effects that create a lovely Christmas atmosphere, with colors tablecloth or napkins, for example, choose Christmas decorations large, reusable year after year.

Energy-saving lights

Or, if you prefer the lights, we use a timer so that they do not remain lit longer than necessary and opt for the LED or other low power.

Natural decoration

Returning to the decor, consider the alternative of nature to give our home a Christmas touch. One idea is to take a walk through the field to take stock of pine branches and pine cones.

Create atmospheres

Following the same philosophy, let us focus more on creating atmospheres that overloading Christmas with gifts. It will help music, play with lights to create a comfortable and informal atmosphere, with the aromas of essential oils …

Sustainable travel

On the one hand, they are days of being at home, the warmth of home, but gather the family often requires trips. Similarly, many people plan sightseeing these days.

In any case, opt for more sustainable means of transport will be a significant environmental gesture. Moreover, it will have little green gestures at these parties if we take a plane, for instance.

The slogan is clear: whenever possible to avoid, do it, but it’s not a matter of breaking plans are very important for us, obviously.

Reuse decoration

The decor of this time, well thought out and not have to be entirely Christmas. It would be interesting to take advantage of the holidays of peace and love to create a terrarium and add a few details to match these days. You may get Holiday cards for this occasion from your friend. So be prepare for another party for your own.

Once after Christmas, just we withdraw the objects and have a nice terrarium. Using succulents, as seen in the image will be very easy to care.

And why not customize the decorative objects? Practicing the art of customizing is an infallible way to renew. We seize the possibilities offered by creative recycling to let your imagination. In addition, we obtain unique results!

Eco-friendly gifts

Gifts are an important chapter in Christmas, no doubt. What can we do to give a green touch? Intangible gifts are an option that perhaps you had not considered.

Give them is to show that is not always synonymous with consuming or recycling. The possibilities are almost endless, as many as you dictate the Magin. Among others, give time, love, solidarity, moments of reading aloud a poem, a picture, a story, support in difficult times, help to meet the good intentions…

When we can pack them do much for the environment. The ideal is not, but there are many other ways to do it.

The environmentally friendly packaging recycled paper passes then adorn yourself or recycled wrapping paper. However, you need not spend.

If we have a nice scrap or a scarf it is easy to get an original result. There is also the option to use newspaper or wrapping paper we have saved for future use. In these cases, then add small details give that special touch that we seek.

Poinsettia yes or no?

The poinsettia is a beautiful plant, very typical for these dates.

However, it has a serious problem. As is the case with natural spruce, often they have a very short life. Therefore, if we do not take care better without them, and in any case opt for an artificial. Some are very collected.

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