Why You Need to Build a Garage for Your Cars

Every one of your cars is like family; one of your sons or daughters. That being the case, wouldn’t you want to protect and keep them healthy? Leaving your cars parked outside is neglect, pure and simple and should be avoided at all costs. Here are some very important reasons why you need a garage for your cars, and which should motivate you to click here and explore your options with a reputable construction firm.


Old Man Winter can be very cruel to your car. Not only can the extreme cold freeze your engine and kill your battery, but just the act of cleaning ice and snow off of your vehicle will cause damage to your paint and clear coat. The cold weather can also cause your window and door seals to become brittle and lose their ability to withstand the elements, and the extra salt that remains on your car when parked outside can cause rust on your undercarriage.


The spring is a time of year that is filled with rain, which is no good for your vehicle. the rainy season causes your window seals to swell and collect water underneath them, which leads to them rotting. The rain will also expose any water leaks in your car leading to puddles in your floorboards. At the very least it is a pain in the butt to get your carpeting and sound deadening material dry. At the worst you will have mold and mildew in your car for as long as you own it.

Another big issue with outdoor parking in the spring is having your car become covered in plant pollen. This stuff will sneak its way into your HVAC system, and if you have pollen allergies it’s game over.


The hottest part of the year has clear impact on cars that are stored outside. Spending long days outside in the hot sun will bake your clear coat, causing it to become hazy. UV rays will have the same hazing effect of your headlight covers, making night driving increasingly dangerous. The UV light and heat will also combine to cause paint colors to fade over time.

Besides those exterior problems, the summer sun and heat will also wreak havoc on your car’s interior. Your car’s windows create a greenhouse effect, making it extremely hot inside the vehicle and causing leather, rubber, and vinyl to dry out and crack.


The time of falling leaves is also no picnic for your car if it is stored outside. As the trees and bushes lose their leaves in preparation for the winter, much of that stuff will end up on your car, clogging roof drains and getting in your engine bay causing all kinds of problems. Clogged roof drains will lead to rusty floorboards, and gunk in your engine bay can clog electrical connectors or even get inside your air box causing the engine to run poorly.

There you go. Storing your car outside is no good for it whatever the season. Treat your valuable vehicle right and get it under some shelter!

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