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Are your beauty products green?

Did you know that many of your favorite household items would not be possible were it not for many common (and uncommon) plants you see today? Yes, it is true. Even in some not-so-common beauty routines are helped by our little green friends in nature. From mascara, to lipstick, to body lotion, to.. Botox? If you do some digging (pun intended) almost everything you put on your face or body has some dirt you can dig up (pun intended again).

For example, if you live in Perrysburg and are in need of botox, you can find many of your favorite plants used as the main ingredients in the botox injections. While the type of plant used from spa to spa may vary, the outcome is typically the same. Pretty cool, huh?

Still not convinced? Here are the top 10 plants used in beauty products today:

  1. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera has been an important herb sought after by cosmetic industry as it is a great moisturizer; it softens the skin and gives it a youthful look.
  2. Avocado – The avocado oil has a rare vitamin D, known as the sun-ray vitamin which can nourish the skin.
  1. Almond – The almond oil is one of the safest oil that can be used in cosmetic products, since it has the less acidic reaction than any other oil.
  1. Henna – Henna has been used for centuries to dye hair and skin on hands and feet, especially of women.
  1. Sandalwood – Sandalwood is used in cosmetic products to freshen and revitalize dull skin.
  1. Saffron – Saffron was considered to be one of the most beneficial herbs for skin ailments and cleansing of skin by ancient Indian physician Charaka.
  1. Elder Tree – Every part of the plant is utilized in production of cosmetic products like soothing lotion, beautifying cream, healing ointments and skin softening balms.
  1. Neem – The antifungal, antibacterial and detoxifying property of Neem has seen its extensive use in production of lotions, creams, toothpastes, soaps, shampoos and many more.
  2. Lavender – The exotic scent of lavender has seen its use in production of perfumes, oils, talcum powders, bath gels, soaps, shampoos and many more cosmetic products.

10. Amla – Amla or Embilica Officinalis is sought after by the cosmetic industry for its high content of vitamin C which is excellent product for skin care.

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