The Best Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Yard

Designing an eco-friendly backyard is a responsibility that most homeowners should consider. There are some simple and cheap things that you can do to your backyard space that can contribute to better practices for the planet. Here are some easy ways you can make your backyard more environmentally friendly.

Reuse Materials and Furniture
One thing you can do to help support the environment is to consider reusing materials for your patio furniture. Instead of buying brand new items, consider upcycling secondhand outdoor furniture for your family’s backyard use. You can often find plenty of items for sale at flea markets, yard sales, or online through message boards. A fresh coat of paint or a power wash can refresh these items and give them new life. If you do choose to buy a new table and seating set, you should think about using one that is made from recyclable materials.

Be Responsible With Landscaping
Another way you can make your backyard better for your planet is to choose landscaping plants that are native to your area. Instead of picking fragile or more exotic species, native plants can adapt to the natural conditions of your region. That means you don’t have to waste any excess amount of water in order to keep your plants alive. These plants can also add to the beauty and diversity of your yard.

Encourage Bees to Visit
It’s also important to ensure that your backyard is friendly to helpful species of insects or other animals in your area. What are the most threatened species for most regions of the country are bees. Honeybees are currently in danger due to the widespread use of harmful pesticides. You can help your local honeybee population by avoiding certain chemicals in your backyard. Additionally, your yard can be more honeybee friendly if you plant certain types of colors in your garden, such as yellow, pink, and blue.

Ensure Outdoor Appliance Efficiency
The appliances that are located outdoors near your patio or backyard may be contributing damaging effects to your space. If your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is surrounded by foliage, it’s important to clear away the excess shrubbery. Leaving it around your appliance can cause your unit to heat up even more and make nearby plants and grassy areas begin to die. It’s also important to make sure your HVAC unit is functioning properly for this purpose. Scheduling a yearly air conditioning repair service can help you keep up with the maintenance.

Collect Rain for Watering
The last thing you should do in order to promote an earth-friendly backyard space is to practice responsible watering habits. If your yard needs to be watered regularly, instead of tapping into your well or city water supply, consider collecting rainwater. Simply place several rain barrels around the perimeter of your home, and watch as they fill up with precipitation. When they are full, you can channel your new water source into your tools that help water your garden, lawn, or other plants that are part of your backyard.

If you’re thinking about a new direction for your tired backyard, consider incorporating some eco-friendly ideas into your space. Not only do you get a new look for your backyard, you can also help contribute to environmentally-friendly practices that can support the greater health of the planet.

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