The truth and myth behind a solar water heater

You have probably heard a lot of people talking about solar water heating systems and the pros and cons of them and you may have even arranged to speak to various experts and solar installers but you just aren’t sure what to believe and what not to believe. It’s probably left you wondering what’s real and what has just been sales talk to tempt you into parting with your hard earned cash.

Debunking the truths from the myths behind solar water heating

Myth 1: Solar panels don’t work in cloudy places or cold climates.
Truth: Even when it’s a cloudy day or really cold outside, the sun is still there. You can still generate solar power on cold and cloudy days, especially with modern solar panels that are designed to work with ever changing weather conditions.

Myth 2: Solar panels will be too heavy on my roof and will destroy it or disturb all the tiles and cause a leak which will damage my property
Truth: Solar panels can actually protect the roof as they cover proportions of it meaning it takes less weathering. Solar panels aren’t ever laid directly onto your roof as they are mounted either on a rail or on some form of legs so even when removed they won’t cause any damage.

Myth 3: Solar energy isn’t efficient
Truth: Solar efficiency just keeps on growing and there has been a huge increase in the number of things it’s now used for.

Myth 4: Solar panels will be far too much maintenance I just don’t have the time
Truth: Solar panels require little to no maintenance. Some companies may recommend that you wash them once a year for maximum efficiency, but some people may not even touch them in the whole time they are on the roof.

Myth 5: Solar panels are an eyesore
Truth: Once they are installed, you don’t really notice them and more and more work is going into them each day to make them blend in with the roof as much as possible.

Myth 6: Solar power is unreliable
Truth: They can actually be more reliable than your electricity company.

Myth 7: I’ll need to track the sun to find the best place on my roof
Truth: This isn’t necessary. Just choose a roof you often see the sun shining on.

Myth 8: I’ll wait for the technology to advance
Truth: Solar panels have been around for a long time, so they are already quite advanced.

Myth 9: They will never pay for themselves
Truth: If you are planning to stay at your property for an extended period of time you definitely will pay them off and more

Myth 10: Solar panels are bad for the environment
Truth: It takes less than four years to pay back the energy it cost to produce the panels
Talk to a company that carries out solar installs in Perth, and don’t forget to ask if they also provide  Affordable Solar Repairs in Perth. At least then you can use the original install company to undertake any repairs.

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