How Portable Restrooms are Helping to Save the Environment

You are probably familiar with portable restrooms, in fact there’s a good chance you’ve used them a number of times. Obviously, they offer a convenience factor to people so you don’t have to go searching around looking for a washroom, but did you know that portable washrooms are also helping to save the environment?

Portable Restrooms
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It’s not usually something we think about when it comes to doing our part for the environment but offering and using a portable restroom from a professional such as Satellite Industries has a pretty big impact on things.

Incredible Statistics

For most people the idea that public washrooms are saving the environment may seem a bit far-fetched, but here are some stats that are sure to make you think differently. Did you know that thanks to these public washrooms there is roughly 125 million gallons of water that is saved each and every day? Just think about that number for a moment, it’s huge!

What that means is that in a course of one year it totals 45 billion gallons worth of water that has been saved. It’s hard to even comprehend a number that big and that’s just in one year. Add that up over the years and that’s an absolutely massive amount of water being saved.

The Many Different Ways It’s Helping

Now that we’ve taken a look at how much water is saved, it’s important to understand how this impacts people. First of all, it’s not just people, it also impacts nature and animals in a positive way. By using these public washrooms we are protecting the lakes, streams, oceans, and rivers from contamination – which can be deadly to us, the plant life, and animal life in that area.

As well, these washrooms are improving people’s standards of living by allowing for proper and clean hygiene, they save on fuel, and they allow us to increase our productivity.

Taking a Closer Look

You may be curious about how public washrooms are actually improving out productivity. Well studies have shown that if you provide workers with washrooms on site, they will have less reasons to leave the workplace, and therefore be on hand for longer periods of time allowing them to be more productive.

In Terms of Health

One of the biggest ways these washrooms are helping to save the environment is from a health and personal hygiene standpoint. People are able to stop the spread of germs faster and easier. People have access to clean water that is free of contaminants.

Less Waste

Another way these public restrooms are helping to save the environment is by installing hand dryers. These dryers eliminate the need for paper towels, which just adds to the amount of garbage people are creating.

Seeing Public Restrooms in a Whole Other Light

With all these ways in which public restrooms are helping to save the environment, one begins to see them in a whole other light and with newfound respect.

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