Keeping The Deck New

A deck is a space attached to the home that is ideal for entertaining friends and family. You can enjoy time outdoors reading a book or just relaxing in the fresh air. If you want to maintain the condition of the deck, there are a few maintenance tips that you should keep in mind as the wood can deteriorate quickly, especially if there isn’t any kind of cover over the deck.

Trapping Excess Material
Put any plants that you have on the deck on cement blocks or bricks so that the dirt doesn’t fall to the wood surface and collect. Areas where the dirt and the moisture from watering the plants collects can cause discoloration of the wood or even mildew to occur. You also want to trap grease under a grill so that it doesn’t cause slippery places on the deck or stains that are hard to remove.

Keeping It Clean
This is a simple task to complete once a week. Sweep the deck to remove any dirt and debris that might accumulate. If it snows, then remove it as soon as possible so that the moisture doesn’t weaken the boards. Leaves that settle on the deck can discolor the surface. They can also make some areas weaker than others, which is difficult when it comes to knowing whether to replace a few boards or the entire floor of the deck.

Sealing The Wood
A good way to protect the deck and to keep it lasting as long as possible is to add a sealant. There are products that you can get to do the sealing your self, or companies like Renew Crew of the Triangle can come to the home to seal the wood so that it’s done the proper way without missing any spots on the deck. Sealing should take place every two to three years.

Keep The New
If you have a new deck, you need to take precautions to prevent mildew and mold from forming by cleaning on a regular basis and using a water sealer to keep moisture from settling. The wood on the deck needs to age before it’s sealed, so it’s best to wait about two months after it’s built to do any kind of protective covering. Even though the color is pretty, avoid a solid stain as this can be harsh for the surface. One that is oil-based is often best as it can repel water and give a subtle shine to the deck.

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