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Comparing a Freestanding Bath with a Built-in Bath: The Major Pros and Cons of Each

The bath has long been known to offer not only a great personal grooming experience, but also the pleasure of pure relaxation after a long day’s work. For this simple reason, the bath will never fade out of existence, regardless of how many other inventions (showers, steam showers, and so on) come into trend. If you’re planning to install a bath, then you’re sure you have many years of pleasure to benefit from.

However, choosing the bath that’s right for you is not always the easiest thing to do – there are, after all, many options to consider. It’s not just a matter of budget; it’s also a matter of space allowances and personal taste. If you’re wondering what kind of tub to get, then this one’s for you. Comparing a freestanding bath with a built-in bath: the major pros and cons of each.

The built in bath

Most tubs (regardless of where you are in the world) are built in, because they have great space-saving features. And with British homes having notoriously small bathrooms, it’s no surprise that the built-in bath is the most popular one in England.

  • Advantages – It’s a very practical solution, and it saves a lot of space. Furthermore, it’s a lot safer for children and elderly people when it comes to entering and exiting the tub as there are supports nearby.
  • Disadvantages – There are more issues regarding leakage and mould, especially when it comes to tiling.

The freestanding bath

A freestanding bath is not attached to the wall or to any obstacle – it is literally a tub that stands close to the centre of the bathroom, with a 360 degree of space around it. It doesn’t just require space, it commands space – it gives the bather a sense of freedom no other bath can.

  • Advantages – The freestanding bath has two main advantages. Firstly, it gives the bather an extraordinary sense of luxury and style that is beyond comparison. Secondly, it easily becomes the centrepiece of the bathroom, lending the bathroom timeless elegance and increasing the value of the home.
  • Disadvantages – They tend to be more expensive and a little harder to install.

The choice is never an easy one – you have to consult your family and choose carefully. Before you make a decision, check your budget. The next thing to decide is whether or not you have the proper infrastructure in place (size, location, and plumbing necessities). Last, certainly not least, is to consider your personal tastes and see how that would fit into the lifestyle you choose. Freestanding baths are an investment, after all – and they are important ones – and it’s only proper for you and your family to consider all your options before making that great decision.


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