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Everything You Need for Your Next Tailgating Party

Summer might be the time for vacations and beach barbeques but as fall approaches and the football season gets into full swing you’ll be thinking about your next tailgate parties. While tailgate parties always have a fantastic atmosphere, great food and loads of beer, there are a few things you need to make it even better. Here are some of the essentials.


A few years ago, your only option for a decent power supply was a smelly, noisy generator that could kill the mood. Now, there are many other options. A portable generator from Peppermint solar energy is a great choice. This could give you all the power you need for a great party while helping you to do your bit for the environment.

Peppermint started with the intention of creating portable power for tailgaters and now work all over the world providing solar power for those who need it the most, so you know you’ll be getting a great piece of equipment.

Great Food and Drink

What’s a tailgate without great food and drink? Of course, burgers and beers are a must, but why not branch out and look at some great BBQ recipes or try mixing up some cocktails? Adding some new flavors to your party can really shake things up. If you don’t fancy so much work, try some different sauces and condiments.

A Cooler

No one wants a warm beer at a party so a cooler is a must. Make sure you fill it with plenty of ice before you leave the house.


Tailgates can be a long day. Generally, you’ll get set up before the match starts and then carry on the party well into the evening. This means you’ll want to consider some comfortable seating. Portable beach or garden chairs are a brilliant idea as they are easy to fit into the car and move around.

A Screen

A 32-inch flat screen will comfortably fit into the trunk of most cars. Hook it up to your generator for the game to make sure everyone has a fantastic view.


Blankets are a must if you are in for a long day. A great wool blanket can add some comfort to your seating and keep you warm once the sun’s gone down and the BBQ has gone out.

A Football

What tailgate would be complete without a football to toss around with your mates? Consider some other games and activities too to keep the fun going for longer.


Portable, preferably Bluetooth, speakers are a great way to make sure everyone can hear the game and to play music on when it’s over.


Even if you plan to use a canopy, it’s a good idea to wear sunscreen as you might not realize you are burning until it is too late.

Tailgating is one of the best things about the football season, it’s a great American tradition to which nothing else can compare. These items can make an already amazing day, chilling with your friends, eating and drinking, playing games and having fun, even better!

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